DOG GUARD™ Out-of-Sight Fencing® System Layouts

How our system works for your family and your pet.


If you would like to give your dog the freedom to run and play safely in the yard, but don’t want the expense or appearance of a traditional fence, an underground fence can be the best option for you.  We have included a few different layouts of different underground fences we have installed.  You can make one complete barrier around the outside of your property, fence off the front or back yard, or create an additional barrier around a garden or pool.  We can cross driveways, sidewalks, garden beds or anywhere you need your underground dog fence to go.

Basic Perimeter System

With a garden or pool loop, or you can protect any other area you like.

Pinch Offs

This creates 2 different zones. Allows you to keep your pet in which ever zone you like.

Double Loop

Can cover 1, 2, or 3 sides of your property. Ideal for customers with traditional fencing on part of the property. Also great for Condo’s or Duplexes.

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